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Are you looking for the Best Park in Sarasota Florida? Or maybe you are looking to enjoy the amazing outdoor weather Sarasota offers. Check out Rothenbach Park located on Bee Ridge in Sarasota.

Rothenbach Park is a great park that has over 5 miles of paved walking/biking trails. What is nice about this park is that it is one of the few Sarasota parks that are shaded in certain areas all day long.

At Rothenbach you will also have a great opportunity to see wildlife such as deer, turkeys, and possibly an alligator in the pond. It is very kid friendly as it has 2 large playground for your kiddos to enjoy as well as a large pavilion for adults or kids to host parties and local events.

If you have been here or are going here comment below what your favorite part was of the Rothenbach Park!

00:00 What is Rothenbach Park?
01:24 Playground Areas in Sarasota
02:54 RC Squadron of Sarasota
03:14 Are dogs allowed in Rothenbach Park?
03:34 Map of Rothenbach Park
05:03 Is Rothenbach Park shaded?
06:28 Alligators in Sarasota, Florida
07:24 Misty Creek golf Course
09:19 The Turkey Trail in Rothenbach Park
10:33 Outro

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