Living in Nokomis Florida 2021 | Full Tour of Nokomis Florida

Thinking about moving to Nokomis Florida? Where is Venice Florida? I’ll take you around and show you what Nokomis is all about!

Where is Nokomis Florida, and what makes it so great? Today, I’ll take you through the small unincorporated town called Nokomis Florida and show you why I think more people need to move here, because it’s a GREAT community just South of the Sarasota Florida area, and is more affordable than living in Sarasota Florida.

One of the reasons that some people may not have considered Nokomis Florida is because is it a little more laid back and relaxed compared to its sister city, Sarasota Florida. That being said, the homes you’ll find here are will be a combination of both new and old because the original homes that were built in he 1900’s are being torn down and new larger homes are being rebuilt. Nokomis used to be know for its legendary fishing so as we explore this unincorporated town you will notice some original Florida Charm. Nothing like mixing old Florida Charm with New Home Construction, right? Nokomis Florida is definitely a spot to check out if you are looking to move to the area.

If you want to learn more about Nokomis Florida, or any of the other surrounding cities and suburbs in Sarasota Florida, be sure to give me a call, shoot me a text, or send me an email. That way I can help you find a great spot, especially if you’re looking to get into Nokomis, which has several different areas in many price ranges. You definitely need a team with the inside scoop on what is happening in certain parts of Nokomis Florida!

Let’s explore Nokomis Florida today!

00:00 – Intro to Nokomis Florida
01:10 – What is Nokomis Florida?
02:10 – House Facts in Nokomis Florida
02:38 – $450,000 House in Nokomis Florida
04:26 – Lets Take A Drive Around This Nokomis Neighborhood
06:39 – $599,000 House in Nokomis Florida
08:09 – Lets Take A Drive Around This Nokomis Neighborhood Close to the Beach
09:38 – $850,000 House in Nokomis Florida
11:05 – Lets Take A Drive Around This Nokomis Neighborhood
13:03 – Where to Store Your Boat in Nokomis?
13:22 – Playground & Nokomis Beach

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