New Homes in Sarasota [UPDATE: May 2021] | New Construction Homes in Sarasota Florida

Are you thinking about buying a new construction home in Sarasota? A lot has changed since the pandemic, including new construction homes. During the pandemic Sarasota has seen record numbers of people buying new construction homes as the current real estate market has been crazy. This has caused issues when buying new construction homes in Sarasota, including low inventory.

In this video I will give you an update on our current new construction homes and what actions you can take TODAY to make sure you are ready to purchase your next dream home!

00:00 Intro
00:30 New Construction homes in Sarasota
00:45 Increase in new construction
00:57 Budget for new construction in Sarasota
01:26 New construction homes in Sarasota under $400k
01:30 3 Things to think about when buying new construction in Sarasota
02:14 Land Lot Prices in Sarasota
02:45 Are we at the peak of new construction prices?
03:14 New construction community waiting lists timeframe
03:40 What new construction homes really cost in Sarasota [Cost Breakdown]
04:24 June 2021 new construction Updated for Sarasota
05:11 New construction communities in Sarasota [COMING SOON]
05:44 Final words on new construction in Sarasota

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