What is Sarasota Known For? | Is Sarasota Really a Good Place to Live?


Why are so many people moving to Sarasota Florida? In the past 2 years we have seen a huge surge in people relocating and moving to Sarasota for many reasons, such as:

1.) The beaches
2.) The location
3.) The History

Sarasota has a community called Lakewood Ranch, which has been voted the #1 multi-Generational community in the entire country! However, is that really what people are looking for when they are relocating to Sarasota?

Maybe schools are very important to you and your family. Pine View Schools located just outside of Sarasota has been voted the #2 school in the entire state of Florida and the #24 best school in the entire country by “US News”.

We also can’t overlook the art history that Sarasota is well known for. We have the John and Mable Ringling Museum, which you can go and visit when you decide to come take a look at Sarasota.

Lastly, Sarasota is great for people who enjoy the outdoors. We have the Myakka River State Park as well as the Oscar Scherer State Park, which you can take your family and enjoy what Florida’s beauty has to offer!

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