Why Move to Florida (8 pros)

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Want to the 8 top reasons to move to Florida? WATCH THIS!

If you want to know the most popular reasons to move to Florida, then you’re in the right place. Because if you’ve ever thought of moving to Florida but are trying to decide if it’s the right fit for you, this video will cover our top 8 reasons people choose to move to Florida. From weather, to activities, to economy and income tax, this detailed rundown will help provide clarity on whether or not Florida is the right fit for you!

Adam Hancock is a Realtor®️ and owner of Experience SRQ, a group focused on hyper local coverage of Sarasota FL, Manatee FL and surrounding. He has an extensive background in finance, investing, and deep first-hand knowledge of much of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Currently serving several counties all up and down the SW Florida coast; Adam’s team is prepared to help you smoothly complete your relocation or locally sell your Florida home faster and for more money!

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